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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Travel Nursing in Costa Rica

Lately, several of my nurse friends have decided to move to Costa Rica and take up jobs as travel nurses which at first was a bit mind baffling.

I mean, why would anyone want to live in Central America and have to fly back to the US for work every month or so?

So I decided to do a bit of digging about what Costa Rica is all about and I was very surprised by my findings. First, real estate Costa Rica is very cheap compared to the US so I can see why moving there would have its appeal.

For example, I was looking into Costa Rica real estate in Ciudad Colon because it is a hot spot for expats because it offers all of the amenities from home and has some of the best weather in Costa Rica when I saw that a $500,000 home in Atlanta can be acquired in Santa Ana for about half the price!

Second, the cost of living is even better as Americans can live quite well there for as little as $1,000 per month thanks to the many Costa Rica descuentos available.

And third, as a travel nurse, they can just work 6 months out of the year in the US (in no particular order) and live the remaining 6 months in a tropical country.

So fi any nurse is thinking about going into the travel nursing industry, they should definitively consider international travel nursing.


  1. Hi Sonia!
    I am doing a travel assignment right now in San Diego. I would love to do travel nursing in Costa Rica, and am working on becoming bilingual :)I've heard it's a beautiful and safe country.
    Do you have any more information on how I can get connected with a program/company there? Or could I talk with some of your nursing friends there?

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  2. Good info! I have worked with a great international travel nursing company for a few years and love it. I havent gone abroad yet but look forward to it!

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  7. i would like to work at least for a month in costa rica as a nurse. im from Puerto Rico. do you know what i have to do

  8. i would like to work at least for a month in costa rica as a nurse. im from Puerto Rico. do you know what i have to do

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